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Post-Op Update: After surgery on Wednesday, I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days because of the pain. As it turns out, I had 3 hernias. The surgeon was able to do a laparoscopy to do the repair, which will save a lot of recuperation time in the long run. To do the surgery, the doctor made 3 small incisions to give her tool access to the area needing repair and 6 incisions to “tack” down the mesh. At my pre op appointment the surgeon told me that the size of the mesh will determine the amount of pain that will be experienced post op. Well, the mesh used for my repair measured 26cm x 20 cm, which is massive for hernia repair. The first day post op, my nurses got behind on my pain made and never go caught up. Getting me up in a chair was the most pain I’ve ever experienced. The night shift got me caught and I was able to get up for breakfast and go home. The big lesson is when it comes to pain meds, don’t fall behind. Now that the surgery is past and the recovery has begun, I’m beginning to believe the doc when she said it would take 4 - 6 weeks. It’s time for patience.

Dear Tumblr, It’s been a long time.

Tomorrow, I go to St. Joseph’s hospital to have double abdominal hernias repaired. I am well acquainted with hernia surgery, but not the abdominal kind. My hernia experiences started back in high school at the ripe old age of 16. A couple of friends and I decided that Beth would not be leaving the church after a youth event. The problem was she was already in the car. We figured we could just pick up the back end of her car. In those days the cars were all rear wheel drive. When we put down her car, she found her way home and I found hernia number one on my right side.

I didn’t get hernia number 2 till I was 31 years old. If I remember correctly, I got this one curling 110lbs. on the preacher bench at the gym. By the way, this time I ended up with bilateral inguinal hernias. Six months later I had surgery to redo the repair on the right side.

In 1996. I had number 5 on he right side from another gym incident. Was I trying to be Mr. Olympia? I don’t know what I was trying to prove, but that is when my heavy lifting ended.

Hernias number 5 & 6 were much less glamorous. I got them from a coughing fit. I guess by then it was just a weakness. I had this repair do on the same day as the Columbine shootings. All the TVs in the recovery area were playing the live news feed from the school in Colorado. That was the strangest way to wake up from anesthesia. I just couldn’t make sense of what was going on on the TV. It seemed like a bad dream. As we all know it wasn’t a dream, just bad, real bad.

So, on Wednesday Oct. 15 I have hernias number 8&9 repaired. This time they are abdominal. From what they say, this is more painful than the inguinal variety. Thank you for your prayers during this time. Pray for Jenny, Ryan and Sam as they have to pickup the slack around the house for the next 4 to 6 weeks.

The good news: There is in only one more area up high in the abdomen where there is a natural weakness in the abdominal wall. So, I guess I have that to look forward to.

Watch The Beatles Movies



Hi everyone. I uploaded all the Beatles movies to my google drive so everyone could watch. (If they don’t work or something just tell me, I’ve never used this before.)

A Hard Day’s Night


Magical Mystery Tour

Yellow Submarine

Let It Be

FANTASTIC! ^^ Links to all Beatles movies for the people who want them! (:

My heart will sing no other name

My heart will sing no other name

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Cienega Marching Band
The impossible texting & driving test
Please watch this video.

Dear Tumblr

It’s been way too long since I have paid attention to you. I’ll try to do better.